Vector Wellness Directs You to Better Health

Corporate Wellness ProgramsVector Wellness provides the tools and information needed to review and report on progress made against the baseline, apply lessons learned and drive the organization wellness level to ever increasing heights in a single, easy to use platform. Key components of our results oriented solutions include:

Measure with our biometrics screening service and health risk assessment. Each employee will understand their specific health risks, the employer gains an aggregate view of health risks faced by their employees.  Learn more >>

Direct employees with personalized, step-by-step action plans and targeted educational content to improve their health. Employers receive the guidance and assistance needed to provide the most effective wellness programs for their population.  Learn more >>

Engage entire sponsor populations in positive health behavior with our wellness marketing communications, multi-level incentive programming, personalized wellness coaching and continued organizational support.  Learn more >>

Educate employers and participants with the latest health information and resources. Reference material, web resources, and videos all at your fingertips provide the knowledge needed to shape wellness programs and maximize health benefits.  Learn more >>

Empower employees to make positive life changes through risk awareness and increased knowledge. With knowledge comes power, the power to take control of one’s own health and set a path to thrive in all aspects of health and wellness. A wellness empowered population is healthier, more productive and drives down the costs of health care.   Learn more >>


The Vector Wellness solution has it all… It is flexible, complete, and affordable.  Our employees have taken to the program with ease and management is able to measure the results.
-- VP of Human Resources